“Longtime Trump pal Roger Stone said he was “disappointed” in InfoWars’ Alex Jones for not selling his branded T-shirts and contributing to his legal defense fund after he was indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for allegedly lying about his work with the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks. “Actually, I’m kind of disappointed in Alex. He is not selling the iconic ‘Roger Stone did nothing wrong T-Shirts,’” Stone told the Jim Norton & Sam Roberts show on SiriusXM. “It was the T-shirt I was arrested in, and he’s not selling them. I’ve expected a nice contribution to my legal defense fund, and have not received one. I’m a little disappointed.” When asked what he felt an appropriate donation would be, Stone said “25 large would make me happy” but recognized that Jones has his own legal issues to worry about. In a seven-count indictment, Stone was accused of obstruction, witness-tampering, and false statements earlier this year. Jones currently faces lawsuits stemming from his conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook mass shooting.”

Roger Stone: I’m ‘Disappointed’ Alex Jones Isn’t Selling My T-Shirts