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    Quote Originally Posted by BrilloPad View Post
    Truth is a very tricky thing.

    It is quite possible to be a really good step parent. In fact, sometimes being a bit removed genetically is good.

    Lets say that the ex wife does not want him to have a relationship with the child(which I assume the article does not say). Then it becomes very different.

    I hope he carries on seeing the child.
    Couple of friends of mine are excellent step fathers, however it has to be based on truth, It does seem this was all based on a lie.

    I did once date a lady with a 3 year old, I realised she wasn't quite what I needed (she was very pleasant) , if she had been more like my future wife I would have probably become a step dad.

    That however is different from marrying someone and thinking you have a happy family for your wife to reveal 9 years down the line its all a lie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrilloPad View Post

    I feel very sorry for the child in this. I have not read the story(its the wail)
    Me too, but in the end if the woman knew the child was not his then it's entirely her fault, and he is quite justified for seeking recompense for being tricked into raising a cuckoo in his nest!

    .. but I would hope the man would see that being a father is not just biological but about the relationship too.
    That would be all very well if he had known the true nature of the relationship, for example if he had married the woman in the knowledge the kid was hers from a previous marriage.
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