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    Quote Originally Posted by woohoo View Post
    I have no idea what alt-right is, white nationalist or something? Is this an american thing?

    So are you saying people that say "I'm not raciest" are alt-right sympathisers?

    What are you saying?
    I'm raciest.
    Where there's muck there's brass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladyuk View Post
    I'm raciest.
    You might have been once.

    You're looking a bit tired round the edges now though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Old Greg
    Given that you refuse to work for Jews, because you believe that they are only out for themselves and that they see gentiles as just there to be used, WGAS what you think.
    You do me old chum, obviously

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Greg View Post
    Churchy says that May Day is a Zionist Occupation Government conspiracy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Old Greg
    Only it is somewhat suspicious that this unsubstantiated claim has been made against the object of Alt-Right antisemitic conspiracy lies.

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