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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterBait View Post

    I hope nanny was okay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vwdan View Post
    I guess I'm not quite following you - whether it was a joke is kind of immaterial, in that it's no more a joke than any other kind of bullying disguised as banter is. Like I say, I don't particularly believe he's spent a great deal of time genuinely sat there hoping she dies or anything, but I do think the use of that kind of 'joke' is a telltale sign of his thought process, and to make it against a young girl is just pathetic. "Just a joke" is just a weak way to downplay what has been said

    You keep blaminng this Caroline Lucas, who to be frank, I hardly know - when I saw the tweet, saw the content and made my own mind up.
    OK, then forget Caroline Lucas, fair enough.

    No, whether it is a joke is quite material. People say all kinds of stupid things trying to be funny that tell you very little about what they are really thinking. It certainly makes it stupid to say he wishes her to die if there's any reasonable possibility that he was joking.

    Twitter has made the world stupid. People say things without thought, often quite stupid and inappropriate things (such as this one), and other people latch onto them and read multiple thoughts into them.

    It's obvious, since Trump tweets self-contradictory things all the time, that he hasn't really given any thought to a lot of the stuff he tweets. I'm not sure we should assume Aron Banks is any more careful. On the evidence, he probably exerts very little thought before tweeting. It would be a shame if he were chased off of Twitter, since it is a great tool for discrediting him, by something like this. Leave him alone and let him spout.

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