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    Quote Originally Posted by DimPrawn View Post
    Mother-of-three, 34, who put out recycling rubbish in the wrong colour bags is ARRESTED | Daily Mail Online

    What next people using the excuse "I'm colour blind" or putting the wrong type of paper in the recycling box? Bring back 'angin!

    Do you even read the things you post!? Do you work for Daily Mail!? Because your posts title are as good and out of context as any "news" on that newspaper...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FIERCE TANK BATTLE View Post
    60 bags of rubbish in 22 days, jesus christ

    Well, the Mail on Sunday and the Saturday Daily Mail do have a lot of adverts/supplements with them, plus the other 5 days, as you say, it soon mounts up to a lot of rubbish.
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