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    Hi guys, I took advice from other forum members and arranged and paid for my own medical and BOSIET rather than accepting the clients kind offer to pay it.

    I’ve been offshore before and did a 4 months stint about 10 years ago, but that was for the experience rather than the money.

    Should I use the next 3-4 months to regain my experience (which would be useful as the contract is due to finish in January) or just charge the going rate?

    I’m interested to know what the current offshore day rates are. Ideally for instrument tech, electrical commissioning, CCTV commissioning etc, however other fields would be useful.


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    It can very lonely working on oil-rigs. Do you like Gladiator videos?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
    It can very lonely working on oil-rigs. Do you like Gladiator videos?
    Plenty of plumbing to **** about with though, might even be the odd readiator...
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