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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoWolves View Post
    A careful look at the RNLI charter reveals that they pledged to help all people from the threat of the seas. Not just the UK.

    I was however dismayed by the sacking of a volunteer because he had a cheeky mug for his tea, that was idiotic.
    Sacking was too much of a punishment.

    But how about Veteran coastguards sacked for rescuing car from cliff edge after bosses told them to stand down . Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eirikur View Post
    According to Nazi news paper the Daily Mail and Tory MP Nigel Evans
    How GBP3.3million of donations to RNLI are spent abroad | Daily Mail Online

    The article has backfired and led to an increase in donations or the RNLI
    RNLI sees 'sharp increase' in donations following report criticising its overseas work
    Isn't inews part of the Independent?
    Will keep a watch on their end of year accounts to see which statement turns out to be more valid
    How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think

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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    I am pretty staggered at the news about the overseas spending though. I had no idea.
    It’s covered in their annual reports. Presumably simply saying “we spend 2% of our annual expenditure overseas in prevention work and we source major donations specifically for this purpose” sounds too reasonable and doesn’t have the same Daily Mail ring though.

    It’s a shame that certain papers in the U.K. have put British lives at risk by winding up the gammons so much that long term donations may drop.

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