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    Quote Originally Posted by Zigenare View Post
    Yeah, fail shorted, whose bright idea was that then?
    Equally odd is that you can still buy the damn things.

    The idea is that the metallisation is so thin that it burns off if there's a weak spot in the insulation.

    The real weak spot is the plastic resin encapsulation which cracks.

    I have some "new old stock" Rifa capacitors that exhibit this, fecked before taken out of the packet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    I'm sure NF has had a link to some iconic synthesizer in the past. I'd expect being NF it would have been a lot earlier and more ground breaking than that one though.
    Quite a few: The Museum of Soviet Synths earlier this year, "Fourteen synthesisers that shaped modern music" including the DX7 back in 2014 (broken link; try the Wayback Machine archive copy, the odd transistors of the Roland TR-808 drum machine last year, and several other electronic-music-related links over the years - not forgetting, from 2011, the Brooklyn Organ Synth Orchestra playing Tubular Bells on 34 different instruments

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