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    More fingers than teeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by eek View Post
    Find a nice care/rest home and send her there for a couple of weeks rest?
    She went to a lovely local place to recoup after she fell over and broke her hip a few years ago. Hmm... I wonder...

    EDIT: £1310 a week for respite care, min two weeks. I may have a chat with the parentals this weekend.
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    Still gathering requirements...

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    House warming/cocktail making party Saturday night. Either side of that cleaning/buying booze and recovering.

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    More fingers than teeth

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostofTarbera View Post
    Away to Italy

    Wine will be drunk

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    bergamo was (from stansted £19.99) was very good fun going round the old town and narrow streets full of Xmas joys

    Spent a night a lake Garda also (45 mins away) and had sunny breakfast on the shore in the sun shine (excellent wine for 3 euro a glass)

    Back in grimly London now

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