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    Quote Originally Posted by Platypus View Post
    Do you have any links that suggest this? I'm not throwing down a forum gauntlet, but I am interested.

    At the moment reading between the lines.

    But Harry is no idiot and he will have had his dick sucked enough times by now to not be thinking with the little head and just doing what the lady tells him, in addition given the work he has done with help for heroes etc he knows how important the royals are to a lot of people in the UK.

    So either they have tried to do the right thing and been stonewalled or another option is that it is going to be a divorce - I would be surprised if it was the third option where he has acted like a spoilt child.

    But we shall see...

    Place your bets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by original PM View Post
    Place your bets?
    Hard to do since we will never know the truth.

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