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    Default Talk about a Huff!

    And how's this rant from a baby boy, clearly not happy at IR35 - blaming other contractors because he wont be able to do what he wants to do with his gross profits.

    If we want to distribute our funds to shareholders rather than spending valuable R&R time on alleged 'business-related courses', then that's up to us.

    Here it is (apologies for the profanity used!):

    I am going to start getting some HMRC interest is in the money grappling contractors that have ruined things for the honest contractors.

    It is not the money that is the issue (other than expenses) but the fact that the money and freedom to go on courses to develop my skills. Ie this year going to IMechE events £660 for two days plus 2 days in a hotel.
    Wastewater Exhibition in Amsterdam, Istanbul and Munich. Flights and hotels.

    Hydraulic institute training courses over the last 2 weeks, £588.

    But what interest is this to 99.9% of money grabbing contractors??

    All they have been interested in is making sure their wives get 50% dividend. That is where the HMRC need to focus their efforts in getting their money back.
    It is totally unjustifiable paying a spouse 50%. It is Tax avoidance and no contractor who is doing it can deny it. And the ones who do deny it vehemently are the most guilty. Liking a good thing.
    No wonder it has raised eyebrows. And the HMRC should backdate those spouse payments TWENTY YEARS.

    My accountant advised me to not pay your spouse more than 5%. And that is all I do.
    So being legit, honest, purchasing my own software and operating as a genuine business, I get all my business legit benefits taken away from me.
    Because of that I will fkn fight back against all those contractors that have milked the system out of sheer greed. I had a good life with great CPD and other contractors have sunk me and NOT the government. So now I will get revenge.

    My mate Norman earned £65 / h at ***** and did 55-60 per week for FOUR years and yet he paid his wife 50% dividends. Fkn disgraceful. What did she do for that money?? Come on let’s hear it...... FK ALL.

    I will write to my MP and ask him to investigate this as it has been a very typical contractor practice.

    Mmmm? There is a difference between a wage and a dividend! All shareholders are entitled to their share in company profits - whether they employ 2, 20, 200 or 2000.

    Amazing - unless we go gallivanting round Europe on training courses and exhibitions, we are 'not interested' or 'not professional' in our work! We are deemed 'money grabbing'!!!!!

    And of course, we are all aware of the HMRC court case in which they LOST, when they tried to take money from a contractor who was paying his wife (joint shareholder in the business) 50% dividends. It went right up to the House of Lords and still HMRC LOST. So good luck writing to your MP, pal!

    Clearly, this guy is miffed about IR35 stopping his jollies in Europe - and blames the rest of us in the private sector - who have taken IR35 on the chin.

    'Revenge'? Tut-tut.

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    Where did you get this then?

    IMechE forum?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cojak View Post
    Where did you get this then?

    IMechE forum?
    WhiningContractorLoser forum.
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