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    More time posting than coding

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    3 years 8 months

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    Should post faster

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    In my case too long, but I worked for different parts of the organisation, in different locations, under different agencies.

    I've heard of someone over 10 years in the same company, on exactly the same contract, that just keeps getting renewed.

    I checked his LinkedIn profile, and he says he works for the client, and it even looks like he has career progression, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, all the dates and so on...absolute crazy madness.

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    whereever the work is


    3 years for me and then a further year doing a day a per week while working full time for 2 of their competitors! Last contract was 2 years full time and 10 months doing 1 day a week for them while I worked elsewhere full time
    Rule Number 1 - Assuming that you have a valid contract in place always try to get your poo onto your timesheet, provided that the timesheet is valid for your current contract and covers the period of time that you are billing for.

    I preferred version 1!

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