Corbyn will be having a wry smile at Tory socialism... v 3 Corbyn will be having a wry smile at Tory socialism... v 3
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    Default Corbyn will be having a wry smile at Tory socialism... v 3

    I'm sure Corbyn must be sitting in his veggie patch shed going, WTF? As a Tory government go on spending spree whilst cutting taxes after shouting from the duck house roof top 'there is no magic money tree'.

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    I think everyone will agree that there is currently a crisis that requires exceptional measures.

    However, they still went ahead and created a new classification of work with no employment rights but taxed as an employee worker at that very same moment which does count as breathtaking political suicide. I don't think any other party would do any different though as they just do what the civil servants say but with a few personal tweaks; such as funnelling taxpayer funds towards their friends.
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