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    “ The UK’s largest retailer Tesco is limiting online shoppers to 80 items per shop in a drive to free up more delivery slots to households in self-isolation, writes my colleague Rebecca Smithers. ”

    Coronavirus live news: Spain records highest single-day death toll and withdraws 'inaccurate' testing kits | World news | The Guardian

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    Supermarkets should ban trollies and make everyone take a basket.....
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    I live with a vulnerable person, so I'm also self isolating. I tested this 80 item limit today, I haven't shopped for 3 weeks as we locked down when the warnings came to her saying to self isolate (13th Feb) .

    To be honest, its a lot of items. I didn't hit it, I hit 73 trying to do another "big shop". (I bought zero bog rolls or flour by the way!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrilloPad View Post
    Supermarkets should ban trollies and make everyone take a basket.....
    Never shopped for a family of four have you?
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