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    Quote Originally Posted by darmstadt View Post
    There was me thinking this thread was going to be about The Good Life:

    mmm Felicity Kendall!!
    "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

    I want to see the hand of history on his collar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsc View Post
    You can't sterilise single use PPE as a) some of it is not suitable for it (like masks) b) you can never make sure it's been properly sterilised and that it's not worn out ie. can be used again. There's multi use PPE that you can use, like full facial masks with reusable / changeable filters, but things like gloves / gowns go in the bin as the risk of transfering other crap to other patients is far too great.

    That of course didn't stop Public Health England from lowering the ppe requirements for surgical gowns and they are saying you can just wear plastic aprons as gowns are not available at most hospitals (so the requirement is aligned with what equipment is available rather than what is safe, wait a few more days and they'll be saying it's perfectly safe to just wear shorts and a baseball cap).
    Same reasoning behind the advice on whether to wear face masks in public, driven by lack of supply rather then the actual health benefits.

    Coronavirus: Masks for public 'could put NHS supplies at risk' - BBC News

    Unless wearing the right quality mask, that is in demand by the medics, then at best it will only suppress (to varying degrees depending on its quality) spreading the virus if you have it, it won't stop you catching the virus. A mask alone isn't enough to stop the risk of catching it, needs careful handling and eye protection too.

    The one scenario where face masks in public (particularly confined spaces such as public transport or shops) is worthwhile is if asymptomatic, so wearing one of suitable quality will reduce the spreading. If symptomatic (fever, cough, ...) then shouldn't be out anyway.

    Hopefully as the vulnerable need to be protected until a vaccine is available (months away at best) the supply of suitable protection kit to the public will be addressed.

    Provide each vulnerable person a full hazmat suit and easy to follow instructions on how to disinfect it after each wearing outside.

    Provide everyone with easy free or cheap access to suitable grade masks and eye protection so normal social mingling can occur while trying to also observe social distancing, as not everywhere is spacious enough for that such as enclosed narrow paths.

    Looks like May is when the lockdown will be eased so time for them to get their act together and address the above to ensure the efforts so far are not unwound, while also ensuring there is enough kit in the UK for both the medics, care workers, and public.
    Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

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