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Thread: Who are SAGE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
    I'm parsley.

    Who's rosemary or thyme?
    we know who Basel is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsergiovolador View Post
    Scientists are probably more corrupt than politicians. If you want a study that says anything you need to support your cause, you can just find a team of scientist and send them grants through some bogus charities so it is not suspicious, tell them what the study should find and then pay their colleagues for favourable peer reviews. Then send these studies to tabloids with selection of catchy headlines. Some things are off limits e.g. you no longer can buy study that says cigarettes are good.
    I wonder if David Davis is naive or that comment was sarcastic.
    Shush don't tell plebs the truth as otherwise they will work out why our diet has been tulip for decades.
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