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My condolences. My father is in a high risk group due to the Crohn's medication that he's on. Had a chat with him from the end of the drive but it's not the same as sitting down and enjoying a chat over a coffee or a couple of beers.

We've lost a family member and a couple of friends too. It's certainly nothing like the flu; while it may hasten the end for those who were probably on their way out anyway (for example Eddie Large), as you say, it's ability to debilitate let alone kill seemingly healthy folk is scary.
Sorry to hear that. The one positive is that the death is, I'm told, painless; much like fading away slowly - no horrendous pains, which is at least some comfort for those near the end.

The one person I know who has died is an ex-finance endurance athlete with on health issues. For the community to have witnessed that made us realise that there nobody is sure to be safe.