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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    Which elite are you referring to, and how is dropping remote voting in favour of having to travel across the country innovative?

    Sarcasm appears lost on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFH View Post
    Sarcasm appears lost on you.
    Maybe you're just not very good at it. You can't just say stupid things then claim it is sarcastic, unless you're Trump of course.
    Quote Originally Posted by MaryPoppins View Post
    I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
    Quote Originally Posted by vetran View Post
    Urine is quite nourishing

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    Brexit is having a wee in the middle of the room at a house party because nobody is talking to you, and then complaining about the smell.

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    I live on CUK

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    Quote Originally Posted by darmstadt View Post
    That should keep the UK's national contact tracing capacity fully occupied.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bean
    I admit that I'm a lazy lying cretin, but so what?
    25 June 2018

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