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    Coronavirus astrology: Astrologer's bizarre claim COVID-19 'will disappear quickly'

    Astrology expert Arik Xander has claimed he has used astrology to divine the surprising future of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Xander investigated the horoscope of the Coronavirus to reveal some discoveries that appear to contradict more scientifically sound COVID-19 research.


    The astrologer proceeds to suggest how astrology can help with the coronavirus pandemic.


    He said: "We need to use the Moon in Aquarius to balance the nodes.


    This is because Uranus in the second - the same placement as the Great Depression.”
    Coronavirus astrology: Astrologer's bizarre claim COVID-19 'will disappear quickly' | Weird | News |

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    Whatever happened to Mystic Meg? Did she quit the Beeb then win the Lottery the week after or something?
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    this is quite funny.

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