DOOM: fine dining DOOM: fine dining
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    Default DOOM: fine dining

    “ Chef Mark Hix had it all: fame, critical acclaim and five restaurants employing 130 staff. And then, as Covid-19 hit, his food empire was left in tatters. Here he tells William Sitwell why he is making a fresh start selling fish on the A35. Photography by Emli Bendixen

    Five months ago, Mark Hix MBE, seasoned restaurateur, chef and all-round food-industry legend, was at the helm of five restaurants employing some 130 people. He is a man whose name has been attached to some of London’s most iconic restaurants, from The Ivy to Le Caprice, and establishments from extravagant Mayfair to trendy Shoreditch.”

    Mark Hix: 
'I've lost my restaurant empire. So I’m starting again with a food truck'

    Fine dining will take another hit when next lockdown starts

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    Seems Swindon isn't affected?

    Tennessee Chicken | Swindon Town Centre
    SARS-CoV-2 - Finally something from China that still works as designed.

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