Old Person In Swindon Trips Over Bench Old Person In Swindon Trips Over Bench
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    Default Old Person In Swindon Trips Over Bench

    Angry pensioner demands pub removes bench after he tripped over it | Metro News

    An ‘angry’ pensioner is demanding a pub bench be removed after he hurt himself tripping over it. Graham Woodward, 66, has suffered with hip pain ever since he fell outside the Rolleston Arms on Commercial Road in Swindon. He has appealed to the borough council to remove the bench as he believes it is ‘dangerous’ for the public. Speaking to the Swindon Advertiser, Graham said he could have easily been knocked over by a car if one passed by after he hit the floor. He was helped to his feet by kind members of the public – but he says his injuries have forced him to give up daily walks with wife Shirley.
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    That sounds a bit Dim.
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    Does look a big dangerous on that tight pavement corner. They should rope off that section ideally.
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    Does it mention that he'd drunk 6 pints of Watney Red Barrel in the pub first?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WTFH View Post
    That sounds a bit Dim.
    Lucky he’s a permie drone or he would have been on the bench.
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