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    Quote Originally Posted by heyya99 View Post
    I’m currently going through liquidation of my company with the distribution next month. Does this mean I’ll have escaped any mooted CGT changes? I need to know!
    The event must be held every year as the precursor to a finance bill, which sets out the government’s tax and spending priorities. That forced Sunak to hold a budget in March this year, just before the financial year ended on 5 April.

    As coronavirus derails UK budget plans, what happens now? | UK news | The Guardian

    That's annoying. I'd prefer to get it over with now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoWolves View Post
    Everything is pointing towards a stagflationary future.
    Stagflation is fine provided the interest being charged on the government debt is fixed...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TestMangler View Post
    Think you'll find that in the new tory world, judicial scrutiny, parliamentary scrutiny and press scrutiny will all be legislated into history.
    So you'd like them to waste time drawing up a budget? We're still in the "pay for it now figure it out later" stage.

    Good idea to cancel.
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