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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    You don't get the money if the app tells you to isolate apparently....
    What app?

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    Are we talking about the £13 a day for low income workers? Based on the absolutely outstanding percentage of people who isolate when told to now, I reckon 90% earn just a bit more than the £13 a day.

    What if those down to 7 days also don't isolate? Bring it down to 3? Then 1? Then "eh feck it". And all this for a very reasonable price of just £7485958488373744 or whatever the actual number is. When it doubt, just give the feck up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quackhandle View Post
    Hardly surprising, she moves from job to job where she consistently fails or messes up big time.

    But no doubt she'll find another cushy number, to fook up in a few years time.

    My money is on Brexit Minister.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cojak View Post
    A feminist Chris Grayling...
    We should thank our lucky stars the pair of them can't breed.
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