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    “ Birley Sandwiches, the City fast-food chain owned by Robin Birley, owner of the Mayfair private member’s club 5 Hertford Street, is on the brink of collapse after it revealed plans to file for administration.

    The sandwich chain, which was founded by Mr Birley in the early Eighties, has 10 shops in the City of London and has long been a popular lunch spot among bankers and office workers in the Square Mile.

    Mr Birley, who is the son of Mark Birley, the founder of nightclub Annabel’s in Mayfair, said the firm had been trading well prior to the pandemic and was profitable.”

    City sandwich chain owned by Annabel's heir on brink of collapse

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    They did smashing breakfasts, back when I was working in Yuppie Central.
    They're a bit out of your league lunch-wise, though...
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    So his sandwhiches will be worth the same as Ratners Jewellery soon?
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