Scotch (Egg) On The Rocks Scotch (Egg) On The Rocks
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    Default Scotch (Egg) On The Rocks

    "Drinkers in tier two areas of England could order a Scotch egg with their pint to keep in line with post-lockdown rules, a cabinet minister has said."

    Covid-19: Drinkers in tier two '''could order Scotch egg''' as substantial meal - BBC News

    I do like a Scotch Egg, especially with black pudding rather than sausage meat (or both).
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    So we've gone from having to put chips/salad with pasty, to a Scotch egg which is the very epitome of a bar snack.

    8 pints and 8 eggs, that's going to make the pavement look lovely
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    A pint and a scotch egg. Good
    two pints and two scotch eggs. Good
    10 pints and 10 scotch eggs. Not for me ta.
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    Needs more "splodgeness"

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