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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordac View Post
    And don't forget the extortionate parking charges (and if you're in London, the congestion charge ultra-low emission tax* which now applies at weekends). It's not just the destination that's the problem, the journey is often quite unpleasant...
    I live in walking distance of a load of shops one of the good things about living in London. If you choose the right part you don't have to use transport to get to them. The ones I use to have to travel to have gone bust....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eirikur View Post
    Time to transform the highstreets into living areas. Housing problem solved.
    Atw can expand downstairs.

    I think people from Lincolnshire were the only ones to shop at Debenhams. There was a reassuringly dreary grey familiarity in Debenhams stores for Lincolnshire folk. They felt safe there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    JL is already changing half of it's central London store into office space.
    Retail turning into offices turning into housing.

    The inevitable conclusion to that is housing for the homeless so they are inside rather than out in the city/town centres.

    Then they are able to get crafty and creative beyond selling the big issue or playing some instrument badly.

    Then we have small artisan independents instead of soulless national chains, and end up where the high street started.

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