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    Anyone had dealings with them operating out of a Ltd company with lowish salary high dividends? Under the new rules do they take dividends into account?

    I've been on their website but not of it fits a one man ltd company set up.
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    I've spoken to them several times on this and got several different answers!!

    One thing I do know though is that during your first year of trading they charge you a minimum amount only (something like £5 per week) as they are unable to assess your earnings...so I made a deal with my ex-missus that I would pay her £500 per month (what I used to pay when I was permie and what seems pretty fair to me (given that I gave her a mortgage free house)...

    I told her that if she ever asks for a review by the CSA I will simply close down my limited and start a new one...and then do this every year and she can have £20 per month!

    So...have a reasonable conversation with your ex...explain that you want to do what is right by her and the kids...explain that you are not prepared to be shafted by the CSA and end up funding her (if I was to follow the CSA rules I would have to pay about £1,500 per month which is a joke) so if she wants to go down that route I will play the game and pay the minimum of £20...

    That way you should be able to convince her that the CSA are best left out of it...

    I'm through the CSA but based on an old Permie role I did and as far as they are concerned my circumstances have not changed (there is no obligation to tell them)...

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