I called up Master Card to activate my credit card...

and I got the hard sell for these new features which would cost me more money for the service ie.

1) "Do you want to be in our personal protection scheme which protects you against identity theft ? as it can take up to 4000 hours to resolve any identiy theft issues."

2) "Do you want a service that enables you to check your credit rating ?"

3) And the Olde "Do you want payment protection should you fall ill and lose your job and be unable to make payments".

I said to the Master Card operative that I shred all my documents before I bin them and also I am careful about giving details over the phone .. ie would only make a transaction over the phone if I knew that card was soon to expire or if it was my one and only over the phone transaction for that particular card. Also I told her that I do not want a facility to check my own credit raiting as I knew that every time a credit check is made against me or anyone else it leaves a finger print and that in turn reduces your credit raiting after 'x' number of inquiries over a certain number of times and she said "no it wouldn't with this scheme".

I realised that it was just a scam for the credit card company to get money out of you by inducing fear into you, I personally hate it.

I mean for example should my i.d. be stolen what is Master Card going to do about it (or rather this UK Master Card operations centre) ? that's right b*gger all, it will be up to me to sort it out with the police and the banks etc I bet they won't lift a finger if someone clones my id.

The worst of it is that I hardly use my Master Card.