Cost of motoring down 18% over last 20 years Cost of motoring down 18% over last 20 years
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    Default Cost of motoring down 18% over last 20 years

    The cost of motoring has fallen by 18% in real terms over the past 20 years, despite the price of fuel rising by 210% in that time, an RAC report says.

    I think it's time New Labour put up taxes to compensate, don't you?
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    every cloud etc....

    The number of women drivers on UK roads has gone from 10.2m to 15.3m

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    Oh, I must be mistaken then. Clearly the £90 Im paying to fill the car now isnt a real £90 and is in fact cheaper than it was to fill my car 3 years ago when it cost £54 to fill up then!

    Lucky Al Beeb is here to make sure I see the light!


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