Hello All,
I am an SC cleared IT consultant and I have worked on large government projects for the last 4 years but recently while job-hunting, something unusual happened.
After a rather tough interview with a client working on a high profile government project, I was told that I was successful and that I could start work as soon as my SC clearance has been transferred from my previous client.

All went well until 5 days to my start date when I was told bring in my passport (I'm not British) and signed copies of some security forms. The next day, I got a call from my agency and I was told that client could no longer take me on board because I will have to undergo a so called "SACU" check which will take a minimum of 3 months and client can't wait. Luckily they had another project which does not require the "SACU" check and I was asked if I was interested...to which I obliged (like I had a choice!)

Anyway, I'm still curious with regards to what "SACU" check is about. The internet has not been of much help although I have seen references to a “Security and anticorruption Unit” (SACU) which is usually done during BC - Enhance for some government departments (Home Office in particular). But I am not sure if it’s the same as the “SACU” check quoted by the client because I would have though that my SC clearance covers this or does it have anything to do with nationality?

Does anyone know what "SACU" check is all about?

Many Thanks