Postcode Lottery on Road Tolls Postcode Lottery on Road Tolls
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    Default Postcode Lottery on Road Tolls

    Motorists face a postcode lottery under Government plans to introduce road tolls.

    Car owners from wealthier districts could find themselves paying more than those from poorer areas.

    A 300-page document issued to firms bidding to run road-pricing trials says any scheme must take account of 'fairness' and different 'road user classes'.

    Only fair. You live somewhere nice, you pay more to drive there. Cough up.
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    FFS, don't they ever give up!? They're like horseflies, buzzing back over and over and over again however often they're swatted away - by two million signatures or something in the case of road pricing.

    I'm sure they said it was dead in the water after that. But as always, if the EU wants something the clerks who call themselves UK politicians have no choice but to obey ...

    P.S. So much for GB "listening and learning", the tosser!
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