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    From the daily mash, had me in stitches:

    The study found that men who treat women as equals and can name all the actors on Grey's Anatomy can expect to earn no more than £22,500 a year.

    Meanwhile, at the other end of scale, bearded, olive-skinned men in long white robes who treat women like pack animals, often earn up to £20 million a week and have a Bentley for each of their race horses.

    Mr Logan added: "I started doing this at university because I was given a cast-iron guarantee I would get a lot of fanny.

    "I learned how to make flaky pastry, I got a cat and I cried my ******* eyes out at Schindler's List. And what did I get in return? A long list of 'friends' who think I'm a poof.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snaw View Post
    From the daily mash, had me in stitches:
    Never a truer word said. I'd put myself in the middle somewhere. I won't cry at movies but will join you in the ice cream fest afterwards.

    Mackies Ice Cream = manly

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