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    From the BBC website:

    "Are you a member of the BNP party? Were your details published online? Contact us using the form below. Your comments and contact details will not be published"

    Hard Brexit now!

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    that is really funny!

    judging by the usual comments in the BBC 'Have your Say' forum, I expect there are quite a lot of BNP members using the site already!

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    That's a few houses that won't be able to get Pizza, Curry, or a Chinese delivered.
    The court heard Darren Upton had written a letter to Judge Sally Cahill QC saying he wasn’t “a typical inmate of prison”.

    But the judge said: “That simply demonstrates your arrogance continues. You are typical. Inmates of prison are people who are dishonest. You are a thoroughly dishonestly man motivated by your own selfish greed.”

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