Parliament infested with vermin Parliament infested with vermin
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    Default Parliament infested with vermin

    Nearly £60,000 was spent last year on eradicating the pests.

    Records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by The Independent show that most of the pest annihilation budget is consumed by the Houses of Parliament, where £54,323 was spent in the last financial year.

    May I suggest we just stop voting for them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by _V_ View Post

    Nearly £60,000 was spent last year on eradicating the pests.
    I thought elections cost much more than that.... and also that the Tory party was back in Self Destruct mode anyway!

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    Maybe they should just try ricin or anthrax.

    Should sort the buggers out.
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    Heard a rustling noise outside in the side passage, and on walking outside to check almost tripped over a one of the sods who was trying to tear through a rubbish bag to get at some nuts inside.

    (Then I noticed his clipboard and he had the cheek to ask if I'd be voting Labour next time round )
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    Urine attracts rats and rats attract snakes.

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