taxes up - its almost official taxes up - its almost official
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    Default taxes up - its almost official

    what's really really interesting is the last paragraph.

    "Despite having been pulled back from the brink, the banks appear reluctant to launch their sizeable recapitalisation lifeboat and start lending again to households and businesses," Mr McFall said.

    "It would seem that they are instead navel-gazing and looking warily at each other instead of concentrating on their customers, many of whom are still in peril on a sea of uncertainty."

    But Angela Knight, of the British Bankers' Association, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that banks had to keep capital as a safety net, and the money some banks were given by the government was "to absorb losses".

    She insisted that banks were still lending money.
    Great, the people have helped the poor banks return to profitability faster! And all along we had thought that the £Bn's were for liquidity and to give the banks capital with which to loan out.

    Must say, everytime that Ms. Knight comes on radio or TV, she appears to be on her own planet.

    Off with their heads I say..and off with GB's and AD's as well!

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    Shock news, if taxes go down now, they'll go up again later!

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    Banks seem to have been taking the pee-pee out of customers for some time now. Did anyone else notice how nasty banks started getting about 15 years ago?

    But, if I were a bank I'm not sure I'd be keen to lend to people buying a house that may yet drop significantly in value. Bad for the bank and bad for the customer. Plus they have lots lovely loot that they'd rather hand out in bonuses and salaries to people running the show.

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    Default If only Oliver Cromwell were alive today ...

    If only Oliver Cromwell were alive today ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilelvis2000 View Post
    And all along we had thought that the £Bn's were for liquidity and to give the banks capital with which to loan out.
    Speak for yourself! I didn't think that. A government minister telling me that was the case when appearing on television was how I knew it was not.

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