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    Russians well endowed in art

    A sculptor is coining it in by making statues of wealthy Russian businessmen showing them with huge penises and six testicles.

    German artist Jonathan Meese makes sells his 500-kilo bronze statues of Russian oligarchs for about £350,000 each.

    The artist said he decided to equip his creations with outrageously large phalluses and six testicles to emphasise virility.

    Russian newspaper Express Gazeta said already three of the country's wealthiest citizens had spent hundreds of thousands on snapping up the artist's works for private collections.

    Mr Meese said: "One wealthy Russian told me he would like to purchase a statue to decorate the interior of his country house.

    "When I said that I wanted 500,000 euros for this work, the price did not trouble him at all. Russians have learnt to appreciate the arts."

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    what a load b0ll0cks!

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    Fantastic! The world needs more of this. Sadly the days of Roman and Greek rulers happily posing in the buff are gone and the world is a worse place for it.

    What we need is John Prescott, completely starkers, working the crowd in the House of Commons. Theresa May, naked save for a pair of tiger skin shoes, walking up and down Whitehall. Great stuff. Lovely gruff. Growlers prowling.
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    Has a lot in common with atw's SKA.

    A load of bollox under the control of a huge pr1ck.

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