Well, I've been lucky up to now. Well, I've been lucky up to now.
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    Default Well, I've been lucky up to now.

    Tech Mahindra enforcing a 20% rate reduction. May only be applicable to those engaged with BT. Anyone else affected?

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    Well, the few roles they have contacted me about have paid so ridiculously poorly that 20% would not have been much money anyway.

    There. Looking on the bright side of a sloppy turd.

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    yet more attempts to bring in Indians on ICT
    This default font is sooooooooooooo boring and so are short usernames

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    They're all at it, A&O (EDS bottom feeder) have just dropped contract rates by 10%.

    I wouldn't mind so much if the rate was decent in the first place but £12 an hour for SC second line support is taking the pi55. Take fuel, umbrella fees and tax into the equation and I'm taking home £60 a day FFS... I used to be on a grand a week.

    There is literally nothing else so it's this or starve.

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