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    Churchill has more data than eek

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    On the rug licking my balls.


    Quote Originally Posted by BrilloPad View Post
    That was at my wedding I believe. Maybe you just drank too much!
    Not at all, I was under orders, yours I believe!

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    cailin maith 's job has never been outsourced

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasSoerensen View Post
    I think many problems are solved by buying handbags. Some of the solutions involve transferring the handbag form a male purchaser to a female service provider.
    Bazza gets caught
    Socrates - "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

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    Nice But Dim

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalOptimist View Post
    Black and shiny. wooooh.

    Good luck tomorrow dear,
    dazzle them with your smile, beguile them with your sparkling eyes then win them over with your glorious mane.

    and put a couple of elastoplasts on yer nips. you dont want them fckers poking through at the wrong time

    And if that doesn't work, show 'em your tits
    "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.

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    MaryPoppins is NOT a disguised employee

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    None of your business.


    Quote Originally Posted by SallyAnne View Post
    I know you're all on the edge of your seats....

    I bought a new one at lunchtime

    Much bigger than the one I have now, so will fit my book, magazines, a charger, few sarnies etc
    But much smaller than an oversized one (as I feel this woudl give the wrong image).

    And it's black and shiny, to match my shoes to work on my work skills, which may be nearly as important...
    Been off line all day but v glad dilemma was sorted, good luck for interview Sally! Plus there is of course the bonus of a new bag. I bought a gorg Karen Millen one a couple of months ago, the apple of my eye it is.

    PS - Hi DaveB, baby and I are fine thanks; I am adjusting to life without sleep or proper make up, while he adjusts to life outside my belly. Hope you are well!
    Practically perfect in every way....there's a time and (more importantly) a place for malarkey.
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