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    Default Working Hours/Flexi Time

    What are other contractors points of view regarding working hours/flexi time.

    Do you consider as a contractor you can work when and how you want for a client within reason?

    Do you get flexi time as standard or have to ask for it?
    Would you not take a contract if they made you do specific hours? i.e. 9-5

    It seems most of the contracts I have had i have had to fight for flexi time and when you mention it to the client the look of horror and not understanding on their faces is unbelieveable

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    I always work into my contracts working from home on Fridays.

    Although I will work at the client's site if I fell that it's necessary...

    But then I'm project-based....

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    I don't think I've ever had hours specified in a contract.

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    Depends on the contract.
    I have had contracts which included supporting the team which meant I had to be there when they were (bad move that one).
    Others are based on deliverables (like the current one) so I can decide when and where I work or if I will spend the day on CUK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brasi12345 View Post
    It seems most of the contracts I have had I have had to fight for flexi time and when you mention it to the client the look of horror and not understanding on their faces is unbelievable
    Most of my contracts have specified hours per week and what hours are to be worked in the day. Usually the client is not willing to consider flexitime.

    (But I do keep being told that is unusual for contractors.)

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    Most of mine have specified what's expected for a working week, but none have said specific hours. Having said that, my last gig was with an engineering company with a factory, and the company policy was all the office staff and engineers had to work the same fixed hours as the people in the factory.

    Nothing in my contract said I had to follow this, but I did a) because I didn't want to rock the boat, and b) it mostly suited me anyway (especially that they'd not work Friday afternoon).

    If it's truly based on projects and deliverables, none of this should matter. But back in the real world, being there full time every day causes less office friction and increases your chance of renewal.
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    My last client had a stupid (IMHO) 8:15-5:00 M-Th with half day on Friday.

    This is the first time since about 1983 that I've been expected to work fixed hours.


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    This old chestnut crops up from time to time. IMO its not the client that determines whether you can work flexible hours, more rather the type of role \ specialism that you work in.

    None of my contracts have ever said I have to be on site 9 - 5 and if they did, I wouldnt accept them. Most have stipulated minimum numer of hours.

    All of the clients have been flexible regarding working pattern. One section of the current client I've worked for was almost insistent on me working 8 to 5 with an hour lunch while on their project because 'everyone else did.'

    I pointed out no one else had a daily commute of 160 mile as I did therefore I'd be working a different pattern ie 7ish to 4.30ish which they accepted.

    Im normally working 4 days a week for them on a different project. Works for me.

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    Getting flexible working hours has never been a problem for me.

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