No 10 Petition against ICTs hits 250.. ! No 10 Petition against ICTs hits 250.. !
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    Default No 10 Petition against ICTs hits 250.. !


    The petition to scrap ICT visas has now passed the 250 mark, 50% of the way to get a response from No 10 about the issue.

    To sign up follow this link :

    I know some people may be wary of signing due to fears of being black-listed, I've found work while organising it so that would suggest this shouldn't be an issue (unless one was seeking work from an onshore outsourcer).

    If you haven't signed allready please consider it, and, most helpful of all, please pass the link on to your friends and help publicise it.

    Still four weeks to go to hit the 500 mark, and its recently received mentions in Computer Weekly and Contractor UK.

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    I have signed it though I believe the legislation needs better wording and policing rather than complete withdrawel.
    There is a case for a company (not just IT) bringing in its experts when required.
    I am not qualified to give the above advice!

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