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    Recipe is this.

    1 Get hired for permie job you are really keen about.
    2 Do honeymoon / probation period and actually quite like it.
    3 Work nuts off and do an excellent job.
    4 Go for formal appraisal.
    5 Get nit picked and demotivated by your line manager who is jealous of your ability.
    6 Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you either or go contracting.

    Knock first as I might be balancing my chakras.

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    Default Ah reviews.

    had mine the other day, I was in the middle of the finance area fixing a user issue.

    Me : Boss can I have a £10K pay rise?
    Boss : No / Maybe (It'll be yes in 3 months, was last time I asked)
    Me : oh dear, have I pissed you off enough you want to sack me?
    Boss : No
    Me : I'll see you in 6 months then.


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