The Chancellor and the Millionaire The Chancellor and the Millionaire
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    Once upon a time in the reign of King Gordo the Moron there lived a Chancellor and a Millionaire. They were very similar: insular, provincial, not very well-educated.
    But they did have one saving grace: a great imagination. The Chancellor pictured himself sitting in his state office handing out wisdom and the Millionaire pictured himself in his mansion counting his money.

    But one day a nurse came round and gave them some meds and


    All their dreams evaporated and the Chancellor had to go to his office in Brum and talk to people he didn't like and the Millionaire realised he lived in a tulip-hole town in England and was not very rich after all.

    And the moral of the story:
    if some bird dressed in white gives you some pills, never take them.
    Hard Brexit now!

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    I once took some pills given to me by a bird wearing a white bikini top and carrying some glow-sticks, had a whale of a time

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