Oh dear: Education reforms are 'extremely badly written' Oh dear: Education reforms are 'extremely badly written'
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    Default Oh dear: Education reforms are 'extremely badly written'

    You couldn't make this up: The Times, 20 December
    Quote Originally Posted by The Times
    RUTH KELLY was told to take her education reforms back to the drawing board yesterday. Hardly had Ms Kelly begun (explaining them) when Barry Sheerman, the committee’s Labour chairman, denounced the White Paper as “an extraordinarily poorly written piece of work” that had sown unprecedented confusion among educationists and MPs.
    Ms Kelly also confused me with this bit, and it wasn't even in the White Paper:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth Kelly to the committee
    “When I hear commentators say it’s about bringing back academic selection, they are just plain wrong. We outlawed selection in 1998.”
    If that is true, why do state pupils in many counties still sit the 11-plus and get selected for grammar schools?

    Education, education, education! Your ministers need it!
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