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    Personally I have found Sky Go to be decent on a strong 3G signal though best if you can connect to a decent WiFi connection.

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    Hotel WiFi Speed Test

    Although I still swear by my 4G MiFi device on a Three contract, not failed me once yet and 15gb for £15 a month
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    Stayed here recently The President Hotel | Great Value in Central London from £86 | Imperial Hotels, central London location and for £86 quid a night you get a full English thrown in (plus stay 2 nights and you get a free 3 course meal in the evening), would recommend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unixman View Post
    Not stayed in Basingstoke. Go for a reasonable hotel, say Premier Inn standard. The better the accommodation the less stressed you will be. PI is good standard and they usually have a well populated bar/restaurant where you can make friends or at least acquaintances. Pretty waitresses too. Travelodge is borderline and just becomes stressful over time.

    Renting would be great but I never managed it for one reason or another.

    Gym in the evening is a winner. Followed by food shopping or restaurant meal, surfing the hotel wi-fi, reading in the bar, TV. One place I was at ran a good 5-a-side. Drinking with contractors is preferable to all the above, obviously.
    Yes for the best of the budget Hotels, I'd recommend Premier Inn - particularly if you can stay for £25 a night or less.
    Another little know fact with Premier Inn is if ( for any reason ) you have raucous guests staying at the Hotel, eg Hen or Stag Parties going on where they continue to party into the small hours or even better - if your disturbed by the Hotel fire alarm going off ( for any reason ) whether for practice fire drill, false alarm or the real maccoy. Complain to reception straight away and ask for a refund of the day or night you were disturbed in the hotel. Premier Inn will either refund that night or reduce the amount you pay at checkout - for the day or days, you were disturbed by noise.

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    May have a possible 2/3 weeker in Dublin coming up, any recs on flights and hotels?

    Did a conf a few years back and I remember it was cheaper to go out RyanAir and come back air lingus. Or other way round.

    He had a negative bluety on a quackhandle and was quadraspazzed on a lifeglug.

    I look forward to your all knowing and likely sarcastic and unhelpful reply.

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    This is an ok business hotel, walking distance to the very centre of Dublin
    O'Callaghan Stephen's Green Hotel - Dublin - TripAdvisor

    Temple Bar area is a bit of a hole these days. I used to use a hotel there, I wouldn't any more.

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    The Travelodges at Heston services are dirt cheap if booked well in advance - around £23 a night and handy if you get a gig nearby with onsite parking.

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    I've picked up a couple of nights in a B&B a little way from the city where I'm working.

    Check out - they seem to have B&B's not found in LateRooms et al.

    (I avoided the £10 voucher though, I'm not keen on that kind of thing).

    I'll let you know how successful it was...
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    What's the latest in staying near Canary Wharf?
    I need something mid-term and I am a little bit torn between B&B, renting a room, flat.
    What are some nice areas that are near but not too near and easily commutable both to the wharf and the local airports?

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