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    Went to see an old college mate of mine at the weekend. He was my old partner in crime and we took a lot of illicit substances together. I no longer indulge but he's still pretty much the same. Consequently, I spent the weekend in the company of hippies.

    I would never have ever described myself as a hippy at any point in my life; some of the most unpleasant, selfish people I've ever met have been hippies and there were plenty of them on show this weekend in Banbury.

    They all seemed to be well into each other but a slight frostiness was exuded in my direction. I felt a bit of an outsider and I was challenged on a number of occasions over rather trivial remarks that I made. I seem to recall that it was this attitude that stopped me smoking pot in the first place - a paranoia that everything I said would be misconstrued and twisted into something that would portray me as some kind of fascist.

    Anyhow, I saw them all in their true colours later in the "scene" pub. They were all busy being smug about their groovy little collective when some old drunken derelict fell over at the bar. The 2 dreadlocked individuals who were serving vaulted over the bar, picked him up and dumped him in a snow drift outside. That's love and peace for you man.

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    Maybe they thought he needed to "chill out"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodab View Post
    Maybe they thought he needed to "chill out"?

    Or they considered him an uncool man.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pacharan View Post
    The 2 dreadlocked individuals who were serving vaulted over the bar, picked him up and dumped him in a snow drift outside.
    Did they throw him far out?

    And did he skid ... and make the snow groovy?

    Edit: who nicked my Afghan coat?
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    Did he do the Hippy Hippy shake before he fell?
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    Yeh man. Cartman had the right idea. I was never a hippy, only looked like one. One of the rare periods when my scruffy, unkempt appearance coincided with fashion.

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