-11, heating on full, a few logs burning... -11, heating on full, a few logs burning...
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    More fingers than teeth

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    Default -11, heating on full, a few logs burning...

    Still I can feel a draft coming in - it's freezing here.

    Went out to the corner shop just then, for the first time in my life I sneezed and I stabbed myself.

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    Best not attend a corner shop again then. Did you stab yourself to recreate the lovely street culture that's gone missing due to this weather?

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    More fingers than teeth

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    When it got in to the minus teens here the draught flowing through and down the windows was freezing my hands. But now I've put up some plastic double glazing, the room is toasty, by which I mean above 10 degrees C, without using the heating, and no draughts.

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