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    Default Luigi the Glasgow chippie

    The One Show just showed a Glasgow character. An opera singer working as a chippie in the city's "tough Gallowgate".

    Luigi said last night: "They were pretty stupid, messing with a big man like me.

    "I had both of them on the floor and I was sitting on them to hold them down until the police came."

    Luigi, 53, warned anyone else who fancies stealing from him that he'll sit on them too.

    25-stone Scots chip shop owner stops neds - by sitting on them - The Daily Record

    Luigi Corvi ...come in anytime and I'll sing you a song!
    Links on "Luigi Corvi" | Facebook
    There's a youtube link of him singing on his facebook page above, in a television production called "Donkeys".

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    More fingers than teeth

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    Did they live?!

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