D-Day for Tuition Fees D-Day for Tuition Fees
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    Default D-Day for Tuition Fees

    I'm off work due to snow, so will be keeping an eye on this.

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    Does anybody know how much debt students get into these days?

    I was at university 89-92, and each year I had a grant of £2100, then in the second year I had a £420 student loan, and a further £400 loan for the final year. I had a £1500 overdraft at the end of it too, and that level of debt seemed like quite a lot at the time. The plan then was for the grant to be frozen and the amount of loan to be increased year on year.

    I admit I haven't been keeping up. Is there such a thing as a grant at all? Are they now paying for all fees plus all living expenses out of one big loan? Or are the fees (that we're being told they won't repay until they earn £21K) part of a seperate loan than living expenses.
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