Just about to finish at current clientco (Clientco_1), they want to extend but I know they don't have the budget to match the offer I have on the table.

The offer (at Clientco_2) I have is a 50% rate increase working in a job which will give some good experience in the area I am supposed to be an expert in, it's quite hard to gain these position as they are quite scarce. Agent is super keen to get the contract signed and back to them. I am happy with the rate. All well and good.

Had another agent on the phone today (Clientco_3) and I told him the situation and slightly overquoted the rate (day rate quoted at hourly rate) which I expected him to baulk at, but no, he said I am sure that for someone of your experience <stroking my ego> that would not be a problem and came back with a day rate of 30% more than the 50% more than i'm on now (effectively about double). Work sounds interesting too although not an area (choo choos) I have worked with and could also lead to greater things.

Clientco_1 ain't going to happen.

I am happy with the work Clientco_2 are offering and it's also good career step.

Do I bother going for an interview at Clientco_3? Ratewhore and good carrer path....but Swindon .

Should I go and play them off - assuming I get the role?

What a dilema? Are things picking up this much elsewhere?

Oh, and I also have plan B to think about, but none of the options are better or worse for this.