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    Default Just got lucky!

    Just checked last night's lottery ticket and I've had some luck.

    I've got 4 numbers! I've got 4 numbers!

    Not sure what that will pay out ; just shy of a grand maybe?

    Will be putting the winnings towards my big trip to Brooklyn to see my family later in the year.



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    Just shy of 65 quid maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderlizard View Post

    Just shy of 65 quid maybe.
    WHS - That's about all my four netted on the one and only occasion they've ever come up.

    Face it, it's the jackpot or nothing

    (maybe five and the bonus also, although even that is typically only fifty grand or so unless it's a double rollover)
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    I got 4 and the bonus a few months back, the other 2 numbers were 1 out.

    I rarely do the Lotto though.
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    £65? oh how the winnings have fallen.

    I got 4 numbers ages ago when the lottery first started and got £141.
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    I also got 4 numbers ages ago, the first ever lottery draw. I won £44.

    whoop whoop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrag Meister View Post
    £65? oh how the winnings have fallen.

    I got 4 numbers ages ago when the lottery first started and got £141.
    I think I got about the same the last time I got 4.

    Did get five and the bonus in the the very early days (either first or second week) and that was decent
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    On the national lottery A huge chunk of the prize fund is taken up by the £10 win (41%). Personally I'd scrap that and distribute the £10 prize fund onver the 4 and 5 number prizes.

    Using the figures from the dwar on 10/02/2010 (for no reason in particular except it was the first I found on my phone)

    The breakdown was as follows

    Prize Amount Numbers Total Prize Fund
    6 £4,779,389.00 1 £4,779,389.00
    5+1 £81,698.00 18 £1,470,564.00
    5 £1,959.00 469 £918,771.00
    4 £72.00 27789 £2,000,808.00
    3 £10.00 648922 £6,489,220.00
    Total £15,658,752.00

    If you split the almost £6.5 million over the 4 and 5 ball wins, in the ration of the current split (31:69) then the winning change to the ones shown below

    Prize Amount
    6 £4,779,389.00
    5+1 £81,698.00
    5 £6,313.18
    4 £232.03

    I know on the rare occasion that I get 4 I'd be much happier getting £232 instead of £72
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